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Excerpt: An everyday conversation between teens and parents inspires a new movement to enjoy life to it’s fullest.

It was a beautiful summer day in 2016.  We were driving along with the lake to our left, and a perfect cloudless sunny sky above.  “We” was made up of myself, my son Geoffrey (then 17), my daughter Jenna (then 15), and Jenna’s friend Bridget.  We were headed to the Brookfield side of Candlewood where our boat waited to take us out for an afternoon of wake surfing, tubing, and leisurely floating around.

I said something like; “What a beautiful day!  This is going to be awesome, isn’t it guys?” Silence was the response.  When I glanced over at Geoffrey, and towards Jenna and Bridget in my rear view mirror, the three of them were heads down, looking at their phones, thumbs furiously engaged in something.

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