To inspire active communities fueled by shared interests, visceral connections, and vivid experiences

What Drives Us

Activating the Live Real Life mission takes a first step, followed by another. Whether your spirit drives you to go sky diving or take a quite walk in the woods – it all starts with a first step. Our logo symbolizes that continuing effort that begins with a first step but never reaches an end. We try new things, explore new areas. We continue to grow by our experiences and sharing those experiences with others.

Community Share

Inspiring active communities is driven by sharing experiences. Yes, we encourage sharing through our website and social media accounts, but we recognize the most important sharing happens between you, your soul, and those closest to you.

Born to Wear

We make products for the broad range of activities you embrace. We’re just getting started and our product portfolio will grow over time with unique offerings to enhance your vivid experiences.

Taking Care

The outdoor spaces that help us connect and Live Real Life are important to us and to those that come after us. We want to ensure that these rugged experiences are available for generations to come. That’s why we support specific organizations that align with our vision.


Mountains are sacred places for us. No matter the season they can take your breath away. Skiing in the winter, hiking or biking in the summer…its up to you. We support the Appalachian Mountain Club to help keep it that way.


Oceans are teeming with life of all kinds. They’re a great place to sail, swim, surf, dive, or to let the waves wash over your feet as the negative ions do their cleansing. We support Conservation Law Foundation to bring these important resources into focus.


Forests provide shelter for everything from birds nesting to people resting. They are wonders to explore on foot, hoof, or wheels. We support the Appalachian Mountain Club to maintain trails for everyone’s enjoyment.


Inland Lakes and Rivers are a precious resource for all of us. Whether its paddle boarding or kayaking, real life is just beyond the waters edge. We support the Appalachian Mountain Club in their conservation efforts.
We donate 10% of our annual net profits to support the mountain, ocean, forest, and lake/river terrains for future generations to enjoy.
Go Relax – Go Live Real Life

It's Time to Go Live Real Life...

We really appreciate your interest in Live Real Life...but you've been here for 15 minutes already. It's time to get up, get out, and take a step...even if it's a lap around the office. We'll be here with more inspiration when you come back.

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